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What sets us apart from most recruitment agency’s in New Zealand is our subscription packages for clients. You have the option of 3 packages that offers flexible payment options to enable affordability for even the smallest of businesses.
At Regeine we are here to support you on your job seeker journey.
Our expert consultants are available to offer tips and tricks into
building the perfect CV and cover letter.
Our online portal
We have invested in technology to make our clients lives easier when it comes to recruitment. By delivering a more cost effective solution whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality we can revolutionise the biggest challenge that every business faces – finding the right people.
Why Partner With Us?
Quick Personalised Experience
Our staff are ready to help you. Whether you are a client looking for the perfect candidate or if you are a candidate who is searching for your next career journey.
Our staff have extensive experience across multiple industries in NZ business market as well as another 20+ years combined recruitment experience.
Our Online Portal
We offer both online and in person services at Regeine Career, creating a more practical approach to recruitment.
Building Relationships
At Regeine our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients as a result of providing an outstanding service.
We believe a subscription service will save you time and money, while improving efficiency. Giving your staff the ability to keep their foot on the gas driving your business forward.
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Regeine Career is full service recruitment company based in Auckland CBD, New Zealand.
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